Wednesday, 18 January 2012

So busted!

A few weeks ago, the media was all abuzz over the creation of a "10 most wanted" Web site for criminals in Quebec. They talked about how it was based on a similar FBI Web site in the U.S., and how immediately after the site launched it was used to find and bust one of the perps.

OK, that's kinda cool. But none of the media reports I heard actually told us what the URL for the Web site was. I tried Googling it, but came up with absolutely nothing. Great. A Web site that is a media sensation, except nobody can find it.

Fortunately, Craig Silverman — aka "The Explainer" from Hour — did a piece about it last week, and because Craig is a 21st-century man, he included a link. And here it is: Les 10 criminels les plus recherch├ęs du Qu├ębec.

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